Monday, September 8, 2014

Like A Boss Pre-Made Template //

i mean, my template titles are just money right? hahaha SOMEONE HELP ME come up with better ones please! until then, here's the latest edition to my etsy shop. xx

Thursday, September 4, 2014

my pregnancy essentials

1. Epsom Salts. these SAVED me during my first trimester. i was lucky not to be throwing up for the whole time those first three months ( especially considering my mum was deathly sick her entire pregnancy) but i did have a time period from 6-10 weeks that hit me the hardest. during this time i had completely lost every ounce of energy, my body was extremely weak and i was way nauseous... you know the drill. but the one thing that really made me crash was not drinking enough water and then getting dehydrated. this is where epsom salts come in! i started mixing about 2-3 cups worth in my baths (that i took at least twice daily) and it made the biggest difference. basically, epsom salts just help your body soak in all that water from the tub. i noticed a huge change in not only my energy levels but in my nausea too.

2. BabyList Registry. more or less the best thing that happened to baby registries. it's a website and an app where you can add any item from anywhere. when i first started organizing all the things i needed for baby i'd get frustrated because at certain registries (like amazon or target) you can only add products that they carry. i didn't like bouncing back and forth and wanted some place to store my "master list." then heaven's doors opens and i found babylist!  it lets you add from any site. it even gives you their top favorite stores and registries and a checklist for references. and it organizes everything into categories. everything my little type-A heart desires.

3. Sprout Pregnancy App. vaughan and our parents absolutely love this app. it shows a 3D image of baby every week with all the info about it's developments. it also has a bunch of organizing options (doctor appointments, hospital bag checklist, baby checklist) and a timer that keeps track of contractions.

4. Bringing up Bebe & BabyWise. i've read probably too many books about pregnancy and birth and babies and parenting but these two have been my favorites so far. i wrote a review on bringing up bebe where i basically just poured out my feelings on how it opened my eyes and helped me gain a higher perspective on boundaries and not succumbing to this "American Mom" mold that we see everyday. BabyWise was a long read and not as fun as bebe but it was way informational and helped me understand how important it is to teach our babies to sleep!

5. Coconut Oil. if you've read my pregnancy updates than you already know how emotionally attached i am to this stuff. stretch marks are in my genes. i already have some on my bum since high school. i thought for sure i would get plenty during pregnancy. well, now i'm 8 months pregnant and the largest i've ever been and i don't have a single mark on where i've grown! i'm convinced it's because of coconut oil. about two years ago vaughan and i started adding it in to our shower/bath regime and we've both noticed the difference it has made with our previous stretch marks. so once i got pregnant i made sure to apply it specifically to belly and chest and i honestly think it's been a huge help to prevent any marks. it also is money for when you are stretching and your back and belly start to itch. i would apply a small amount any time i felt the itching and it would instantly go away.

6. Max Green Smoothie. from the juice press down our street but really ANY smoothie applies. going back to my first trimester, there was no way i could get down my prenatal's. so vaughan would either buy or make me these smoothies that were packed with the nutrition i needed. having these first thing in the morning would always help settle my stomach and was honestly just a better start to the day.

7. Massages. i mean, obviously right? haha it may sound strange but i had to put this on my list! i couldn't really get out of the house for that long until month 3 of pregnancy so as soon as i could handle a drive i started seeing a massage therapist 1-2 times a month. this was important to me because it was always so relaxing (duh) and helped keep my stress to a minimum. plus laying in a bed all day and all night can cause some serious back pain. so do yourself a favor and schedule them out to at least once a month. when mamma is relaxed, baby is relaxed. so if not for yourself than at least for your little one :) also, these are SO GREAT for post-labor!

8. Baby Moon. when you're finally feeling like a normal human being again and aren't too big to where you are waddling and a flight-risk... book a ticket and get away with your baby daddy! even if it's somewhere local. splurge on a hotel for a couple days, get out of your regular routine, eat some yummy food and just spend time together. we went to california for a week and it was easily one of the funnest trips we've had because of that alone time we were able to share after a rough first trimester. it was re-energizing and kind of like a reward for ourselves that we (and every preggy momma) deserved.

9. Melatonin. everyone has their own opinions on what to take and not take while pregnant BUT i did my research, talked to my doctors and felt like this was a good decision for me. melatonin is a natural sleep-aid. i take only 5mg (one pill) for the nights where i am feeling restless and it always puts me to sleep within the hour. i had a body pillow for like two weeks but i didn't need it for much longer than that. even now with my big belly i haven't needed any extra aid. just the occasional melatonin for when i am anxious or have restless leg syndrome.

10. My Baby Daddy. there were times in my first trimester (the infamous 6-10 week period i talked about earlier) where i couldn't even get out of bed. every single one of these days vaughan would get me food, massage what was hurting, google search every symptom i had, brush my hair, dress me and carry me to the multiple baths that he would run. i know i sound SO pathetic describing this but guess what? that's just how it was. i could not even physically stand on my own. i could barely open my eyes sometimes. i would be so ungrateful if i didn't mention it here. out of everything on my list, he was the most essential. not everyone has a chance to have someone like this but what i'm trying to get at is don't be afraid to ask people for help! reach out to your support system on the days where you just feel like you can't go on.

every single pregnancy is different and there's not just one "pregnancy essentials" list that will fit everyone's needs... but i hope there is at least one thing on here that can help make a difference!


Saturday, August 30, 2014

da bebe shower

it was so great. the pictures don't do it any justice at ALL but i just didn't have time get everything! my sisters and mum planned a pineapple theme and it turned out soo cute. so pinterest worthy. if only i had an all white studio where i could show off all the little details put into it! pineapple cookies, the tropical flower arrangements, the NOODLE AND COMPANY MAC N CHEESE (!!!!!) and the silver spray-painted pineapples for decoration. oh my gosh. and all i had to do was sit there and eat my body weight in my favorite food while laughing and talking with my favorite people in the world. i want to have another one. do they do them for second and third and so on babies? because they should. it makes me that much more pumped to bring our little one in this world to meet and be surrounded and loved by all the wonderful people that came. and free stuff is so great. especially Target giftcards. vaughan and i ended up paying a third of the original price for our baby monitor. and i also got an ergo baby!! winter edition my friends. it comes with fur... enough said. 

ending on semi-candid black and white pictures is the greatest. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

fontsies 2 //

ahh, fonts!! i have totally been off my game lately. i'll try and bring this "series" back more often. these are some free fonts that caught my eye this last month. i'm also obsessed with this Stringfellows font that hit the market for $20 (which is kind of a good deal for script fonts like these). so for sure check it out if you're into making prints or designing! 

happy monday! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

kindle & pine // premade blogger template

since i'm taking a leave of absence from custom work this next month (my etsy shop will still be open though!) until december, i've been going through my older templates and re-doing them so that they are updated and more user friendly! i've also taken the advice that clients have given and made those additional changes. as i was cleaning up the previously known "CALLE" blog, i decided i wanted to take it in a little different direction. still simple and minimal, of course ( could i BE any more predictable ) and i chose my muse to be sydney of the daybook! i love her simple, minimal and soft aesthetic that she carries within her own blog and style. so i tried to recreate that feel with this pre-template. i have lot's more included with my blogs now so be sure to check them out! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

30 weeks // bumpdate

as i hit 30 weeks into my pregnancy today i'm completely in shock knowing that baby could be here in two months! i remember when he was the size of a jelly bean, skipping to the 20-30 week marks on my app, and feeling that ambiguity of motherhood. now i'm here, in my third trimester counting down the weeks. i don't like expressing it on social media, but the truth is i love being pregnant. i have loved this entire journey so far. maybe the reason i don't like saying it out loud is because i know for others pregnancy is one of the hardest times in their life. and i don't want to sound boastful, i don't want to come off as arrogant. but then i realized that by not really expressing how i really feel, that people were getting the wrong idea of how i view my body and this change in my life. it has been hard  at times to be sick and tired and to watch your body adapt in ways it never has before. but there is some sort of honor, that i've felt, to be able to carry and nourish a child from Heaven. yes i get bigger every day but so does my baby! and that's wonderful! and i may refer to myself as a whale and a chunky mommas but in all honesty it's just my sense of humor and me being sarcastic. i know i'm not a whale. i'm a mother. and i've never ever felt more beautiful in my life. 

how far? 30 weeks

maternity clothes? no but i totally need them! i have been wearing these black stretchy pants from urban outfitters that have been snug and barely fit but as of yesterday i can't even button them up! i have some hand me downs from my sisters but they are still a little too big so i'm thinking of purchasing this belly band until they fit. 

sleep? surprisingly the best so far out of my whole pregnancy! i think it's because i've been so busy during the day and have begun to work out again that by the time 10 p.m. hits i'm exhausted. 

best moment of the week? so many great things have been happening! we had our first baby shower on saturday which was SO fun! and then earlier that week we had a ultrasound to monitor baby k's growth. at our 20 week ultrasound they found a white bright spot on his artery. about 15% of "normal" babies have this BUT if there are any other white spots in his body then that is a sign for a problem. luckily k didn't have any of these other warning spots but the doctors wanted to see how he was growing just to make sure. so on monday vaughan and i went in. i was really nervous and had been praying all day to be prepared for what we might find out. turns out the appointment couldn't have gone better! our ultrasound tech was an absolute angel, she was so informative and asking us what questions we had and giving us all these cool facts. when she first saw vaughan, see said "oh boy, we have to see if this baby has hair!!" which i didn't even know was possible to detect in the ultrasound. but she did and turns out baby has TONS of it already! hahaha and he is also in the 50th percentile in weight (which is great for us!) AND the bright light that appeared in the 20 week appointment was gone. she couldn't see it anywhere. baby k also turned his head for us so we could see his face for the first time! and he was moving his cute little lips. oh this momma was in heaven. vaughan and i couldn't stop talking about it all day. 

weird pregnancy moment? just when baby moves, sometimes its weird to watch of feel because it literally feels like he is coming out of my stomach! is that so gross to say? haha i don't know but i can for real see him moving from one side to another and it's cool but kinda throws me for a loop. 

size of baby? according to the ultrasound he is 2 pounds 11 ounces. 

food cravings? not at all! my appetite has returned to normal. i just need to avoid salt because my ankles and feet have begun to swell! 

what am i looking forward to? just having him here already :) 

stretch marks? no! which is crazy because i've had stretch marks on my booty since high school. it's totally genetic too. all my sisters had them when they got pregnant and since i already have them i thought it would be a for sure thing by now. i honestly think it's because of coconut oil! i've been using it the past two years and it's helped a lot with previous stretch marks so i think that's why i haven't had any yet. but i'm expecting them soon. i still got a lot of growing to do. 

nursery? yes!! this is still a work in progress but i'm having so much fun with it! i'm going for a beachy/surfy/safari animal theme haha it is turning out better than i thought. just one more round at ikea and we should be good :)  

xx ryleeblake

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

babymoon pt 1

we have finally made it to california!! a month ago when we scheduled this i thought it would never come and now that we are here it doesn't seem real. this trip has been such a light at the end of the tunnel since vaughan had his surgery 4 weeks ago. then the last week with his midterms and grandpa passing, it seemed like it was all catching up on us. my brother in law's mum and her husband have a house up here in laguna. for years she's been telling us to come visit and stay in their new (old) house whenever we wanted. so i finally took her up on her offer and the timing couldn't have been better! 

we left monday morning and when we arrived we planned on taking a taxi to their home since her and her husband, david, wouldn't be around. but when we got down the escalators our names were on a sign and she called to let us know they had arranged for a driver instead. then we get to the house and you guys, it is the cutest old beach house right on thelia street which is less than a mile away from the center of laguna beach. we couldn't have been more spoiled. 

since we got in at 12 in the afternoon we decided to walk around and hit the beach. we went to eat at BJ's pizza and it's one of my all time favorites. then we got vaughan a swimsuit at Hobies? (i can't remember the name but i'll get back to you on it because it is such a great surf shop with lots of stuff for a good price) and found some stuffed animals for baby k's nursery in some other shops along the way. 

we also went to see some family friends for a bbq dinner birthday party later in newport. rio, the birthday girl, has been in love with vaughan since she was like 3 years old haha like she got our engagement picture we sent them (two years ago) and made a decoration out of it for her door nob. and she still has it! and when our aunty asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said to see vaughan. so it was perfect timing that we happened to be here. it was a surprise to her that we were coming so when we opened the door she almost died!  then when we had to leave after dinner she started crying. i had to reassure her that we'd see her again while we were here haha i didn't want her to hate me for taking her man away. 

even though vaughan and i planned this as a "baby moon" we've actually been hanging out with family since we got here. my brother in law had to make a quick trip for a car show so we invited him to bring some of this kids and hang out for a while longer. so today vaughan and i took beckham and bella to the beach while he worked. we then convinced my dad to bring my brothers and hang out too haha so they are coming tomorrow and we're all going to disneyland. all last minute but we wouldn't have it any other way :)