Tuesday, February 10, 2015

obsessed // 4 months

i say this about every stage in my baby teddy's life but I LOVE THIS STAGE!! 3-4 months is when his personality really started to come through. he talks all the time, laughs and even yells at us hahaha oh and his squealing! but generally he is just a calm, happy, curious and loving baby. all the complications from him being small and early at birth have subsided. he is now so chunky and healthy and lovey and snuggly and oh. i am so obsessed. 

likes: eating sophia (originally the sophie giraffe doll w/ name change). bath time. splashing us at bath time. sitting up with help. rolling from his tummy to his back. new jumper toy. stroller rides. fuzzy blankets. naps with mommy. playing with daddy. his hands. mimicking the sounds mommy and daddy make. talking. laughing. reaching out for something. holding his baba. 

not a fan of: pacifiers. carseat. too much tummy time. daddy's beard. the sun in his eyes. pooping. 

we took him to our doctor for his 4 month check up yesterday and saw his stats! he is 16.7 pounds (71%) 17.5 inches in head circumference (99%) and 26 inches (87%) in height. this boy is growing crazy fast. now wearing 3-6 month clothing but honestly the 6 mo. clothing is fitting him a lot better. which makes me kind of sad that my baby is getting so big so fast BUT he is so perfect the way he is, i wouldn't change anything. i feel like the luckiest momma in the world to be his. 

here's a little video of him squealing and laughing at vaughan. it's password protected so type in "bath time" to view! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Kai's Birth Video -- the best surprise video ever.

okay. the part where i'm pushing is obviously the most flattering shot of me ever so don't like be blown away by my beauty mkay? haha okay JUST KIDDING i am actually embarrassed by it but that is totally part of the process of labor AND i'm actually proud of my pushing since it took three rounds ( i actually don't really think it mattered since kai was determined to get out of there but for my sake we will say it's from me going ham ) to get that little guy home! 


when i asked my cousin and bff courtney to come take pictures at the hospital, i had no idea she was secretly doing video too! so a day after giving birth to kai she sent me a little snippet and i was totally balling. it was so sacred to be able to re-live that experience. after seeing that little mini version, my family sent in what they got from their iphones. she then added in all of those different perspectives and made it into one big video. when she sent it to me a couple days ago, you already know both me and vaughan were crying again. i watch it over and over. 

hands down, the best experience of my life. 
thank you so much babe! 

check her out here!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

the usual

(that awkward bump  is a weird angle of rib cage. NOT boob.)

anyway. i have been trying to implement tummy time more lately and kai just thinks it's the most worthless thing. he'd rather be sitting up watching basketball with daddy. so when we do tummy time i try to make it fun and put him on my belly. he smiles enough just for a picture but then goes back to his frustrating talks and grunts haha i don't know if he'll ever care enough to roll over! 

sometimes during the day while baby is sleeping we try to get a nap and snuggles in. the MOMENT we lay down kai always wakes up and starts to cry. so we go in his room get him out of his crib and bring him back to bed with us. most of the time he doesn't have it and would rather be held or us talking to him but this time he went straight back asleep once we got him snuggly with us. and of course, instead of us sleeping we just stare at him and took pictures. 

i don't think any mum can have enough sleeping pictures of her baby. especially when your baby sleeps 13+ hours in one night?!?!?! haha what? i didn't even think that was possible. but he did it. we put him down for bed at 9 and my little hommie didn't wake up until 10:30 the next morning. vaughan and i woke up thinking that the other had taken the early morning shift so the minute we figured out that neither us of did we ran right into his room to make sure he was breathing. he was. and he was slowly waking up just staring at us with the biggest smiles. then we had the biggest smiles since that was the longest any of us had slept in about 4 months. 

i'm 3 weeks in with the kayla itsines  workout program and it is totally kicking my butt. for just this short amount of time i already have seen such progress with my baby weight. if you're looking for a fitness guide i 10000000% recommend her. i'll talk more about this and some other things i've been doing that have helped me lose weight, tone up and feel so much more incredible and energetic in another post soon! because it seriously is such a game changer. check her out and do the program with me! k? k. 

i also got a little fancy and now have a twitter. it all started out with a massive christmas eve giveaway and if you have twitter it counts for extra entries. so i was planning on getting a fake twitter and posting so it looked like i actually used it but then the giveaway ended and i actually still liked it. like where has this been all my life? so if you have one follow me at ryleeblake_! and if you have one and you're funny let me know what your handle (handle? i sound so twitterprofessional or something) is. 

every other week we go to my uncle jon and get our back's adjusted (kai, too! we've been taking him in since he was a newborn). his chiropracting offices are up in South Jordan so whenever we go up we always take advantage of the yummy resturants up there! we usually always make a run for the chicken nuggets at Whole Foods but this time we had lunch at Pizzeria Limone and it was sooo yummy! We got the margerita and pepperoni pizza with a chicken ceasar and krotan? (i forgot the name but it's just like breadsticks in pizza form). luhhhbed all of it. OH! and the coco bean slim at the orange peel, too. of course. 

other than that our week was pretty chill. kai is just talking all day everyday. starting to suck on his animal friends. making mommy fall in love with him. the usual. 

oh, and a video! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

the missing piece

for christmas this year vaughan surprised me. i would usually say that i end up giving the best presents BUT he got me this time. christmas night as i was pulling this out of a manilla envelope i could literally see the excitement in vaughan's eyes haha he had been begging me all day to open it. so then it was out, i looked at it and seriously started to cry! this picture is from the day of the "longboarding night" that i've written about. after the friends farewell we all went back to his parents house to eat and vaughan came over too. we sat under this tree and talked about hanging out later that night. while we were talking the friends mum (who is also in our ward) came over to take a picture of us. after vaughan had left on his mission i remembered her taking our picture and thinking about it. i little memory of us from the night that changed everything. crazy to think how those highschool kids in that picture would end up here, after almost 3 years of being married and having a baby. i am still so in love with that boy. 

also, for those of you interested i finally finished our love story. it's in the "our story" section past all the about us stuff. can't believe how long it took me to write it haha but this picture definitely gave me the motivation to re-live our amazing adventure.