Monday, December 24, 2012

for us procrastinators,

download printable here 

baby sitting coupons are notorious for being thee easiest present ever and parents absolutely eat it up. so naturally, this is what i turn to while strugglin for last minute christmas gift ideas. plus, you come out looking like a gem for being so 'thoughtful'... :) consider it a win/win. 

oh and here's some iphone pics of our weekend

the top two rows are of yesterday when we delivered the secret santa presents. seriously, amazing experience. for everyone; especially the little kids. i was listening to a conservation by my baby nieces... "my belly feels really warm inside. i don't know why but i like it. i want to do this every year." hahaha sooo cute right? 

anyway happy christmas eve...eve. 



  1. Such a good idea!! Love the font choice too, I would use that for almost everything if I could <3 Merry Christmas

  2. so cute!! i am totally using this, thanks! xo

  3. The coupon is such a cute idea! May have to use it :)

    xo Shane

  4. I'm just wondering what font you use! I love it.

  5. Replies
    1. amatic SC is the handwritten font and Jacques & Gilles is the cursive!

  6. Just came across this and love it but the link to download isn't working. =(

  7. Rylee, is this still available? the download link no longer works. Could you email it to me? THank you!!!