Wednesday, February 13, 2013

rewind to five years ago

when vaughan and i were sitting in his car in front of my casa. i was a junior and him a massive senior. at this point of our relationship we had been hanging out a lot... but uhh neither of us would tell the other how we felt! you see, we both thought that the other one was a player... and we weren't into that kind of stuff. i would've written him off immediately but look at that face. 

you see my dilemma. 

so there we are, talking in the car having a deep convo about something super deep (we could talk about everything else besides each other?) and then this song comes on the radio. 

remember, 'No Air' by Jordin Sparks and Chris Breezy? 

okay well we both loved it and vaughan was like
"this could be our!......"
and then we go silent. 
he never finished his sentence. 
and i'm all like... 
and he's all like... 

and then my dad turned off/on the porch lights 
and it was game over.  

so even though vaughan never finished what he was going to say,  i would always secretly think of that being 'our song' whenever i heard it...and you already know, he did the same. our communication was seriously the worst in high school haha thank thee heavens for second chances! now we have a bajillion love songs and we thought we'd share some with you :) 

hope you guys have a lovely valentines week! 



  1. now these are my mind of songs! haha such a cute story, you two.

  2. Sooo Cute, thanks for sharing this.

  3. LOVE this post. Thank you so much for sharing it! ♥

  4. My Boo, My Boo My Oh My oo oo oo o oo! HAHA LOVE THEM! You guys are just SO beautiful. I bet your wedding photographer was STOKED

  5. you two are so cute! and i love your playlist :)

    The DayLee Journal

  6. love this wedding picture! i want your hair!

  7. Love your adorable mixtape. Love your adorable relationship. :)

  8. You two are so cute! I'm half Samoan too. I found your blog on Jesslyn's Heart Like Mine! Can't wait to read more. You two make a beautiful couple! I just love blog hopping and finding great blogs like yours! :)