Sunday, February 9, 2014

launched: mon sheree amour //

header wreath element: welivedhappilyeverafter

hello! first of all, so sorry about my site being down the last couple of days! my personal blog was locked by blogger for fear of a hacking threat. since this happened i've extended another day for the 'eat a lot sleep a lot' hoodie from earlier on this week. so if you haven't already, you can still enter in the giveaway! besides all that, i wanted to show you guys a blog design i've launched recently. i've been learning some fun coding tricks that have allowed me to have more control over the design so i'll be letting you in on some tips and tutorials here pretty soon. if you guys have some specific questions let me know! this blog was made for sheree otterson who is so crazy busy planning her wedding! so check out her blog and continue to stop on by. she is so lovely and has some fun ideas for her blog that you guys won't want to miss. 

hope you all had a great weekend! 



  1. Wow it's beautiful! You are crazy talented!!!

  2. How do you get a separator line between the blog header and the actual posting/side bar itself? I can't figure it out!!! I think this design is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent!:)

  3. hey i saw her photos on this photographer's blog i follow! love it! i just spent forever trying to redo my blog design... i wish i had your talent!

  4. Um TOTALLY need to work with you on a new design for me. OBSESSED with your talent!

  5. Rylee! You are so talented. I can't wait to one day have some money on the side for you to do my blog.

  6. ok lady. so talented! love this one!! xoxo

  7. very nice! do you do all of the illustrations yourself?

  8. rylee darling! my blog got hacked and google shut it down! i had to make a new blog. you can re follow me (if you'd like) at this new url! i've missed your glad to be back into the blog world. i pretty much hate google now...but i love blogging too much to stop!

    new url: