Friday, February 14, 2014

v day love //

happy valentines day! vaughan had to run to school to finish an assignment that's due at midnight so it's just me and mowgs laying on the floor watching Dr. Phil. have i told you guys he's taking 20 credits this semester?! 20! (Vaughan, not dr. phil haha) he is so busy all the time and as much as i hate him being away, i'm so proud and grateful for all the work he's been doing... even IF it's on v day. despite his crazy schedule i STILL woke up to flowers, cider and the olympics on t.v. AND a capri sun on my night stand so i'm doin pretty well for the time being :) 

oh, and this card is amazing right?!  i got it here 

hope you all have a great day! 

** congrats Alyssa V. for winning the Style Lately giveaway! i have your email so we will contact you shortly. 


  1. how funny! dr.phil! even though he's busy with school....God will give you rest and give you the time you need to celebrate valentines day. love yea girl!

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog! What a cute card! Sometimes its the little things that really count and really show us how we are loved and cared for. Good Luck to your husband with school!

  3. ha ha, I seriously love that card! It's so true through on so many levels. :)