Monday, March 24, 2014

bumpdate // 12 weeks

i know it's so early to even be calling it a "bumpdate" considering i'm still lacking that bump part BUT some of you wanted to know how i told vaughan so i thought i would write about it now and do a little update on what's been going on with me & the little one! 

before we were even close to getting pregnant, i would think about how i would tell vaughan and what kind of crazy awesome surprise it would be. i would secretly film it, he would cry... you know the works. now it's funny writing about what actually happened because it is no where close to what i thought the "story" would be!! but i wouldn't change it... basically it was the end of January and we had just gotten back from a little temple sesh. i had been holding going to the bathroom for forever so first thing i do is rush upstairs. i had only been ONE day late on my period, which is usual, and was already feeling the symptoms i usually get before so i knew there was no way i could be pregnant. however, mid going-to-the-bathroom i decided it would be funny to take a test. just for fun? i don't know what i was thinking but we had a test from a couple years ago from when we had a pregnancy scare so i had vaughan get that for me. i took the test and left the stick on the counter while i got out of my church clothes. i came back to undo my hair (not thinking AT ALL about the pregnancy test i had just taken) and i look down at the counter to grab my brush and there on the stick was A POSITIVE YES +++++++++ SIGN!!!!!!! i. was. speechless. quickly i grabbed the stick and turned around where vaughan was behind me. all i said was "BABE!!!!" eyes wide, holding stick in hand. and then he was silent for a couple minutes, waiting for his blown mind to piece itself back together. once it was semi-comprehended we both were screaming, jumping up and down and just completely ecstatic! 

even though i love surprising vaughan and had this "perfect reveal" planned out before... i'm even happier that we were able to share this surprise together. 

anywho, here's the bumpdate:

how far? 12 weeks

weight gain? lost weight, actually! just went into the doctors today and am a couple pounds less than my first check up. i expect that to change quickly though. 

maternity clothes? nope. 

sleep? it just depends! i'm a natural tummy sleeper so that's been an adjustment and also my "girls" (ahh, the boobs) have gotten so much bigger. they kind of feel weird when i sleep on my side so i have to stuff a pillow between them in order to sleep haha for a bit i'll toss and turn but i really can't complain since i get a nap like everyday! 

best moment of the week? FOR SURE the other night when i was half-asleep and vaughan was talking to baby. i didn't hear everything but i did catch him say "we are so excited to bathe you, play with you and breastfeed you... well, only momma can do that but i can give you bottles and steak." hahahaha yup baby, that's right. daddy is going to get you as much steak as a newborn ever wanted! 

weird pregnancy moment? not really. well... that's not true. pregnancy brain is real my friends! we've had to cancel some credit cards that i lost (which i actually found in my wallet about 20 minutes ago. go figure!) and almost killed mowgly on accident. 

movement? i wish! but no, not yet. 

size of baby? i believe this week the little one is about the size of a key lime. 

food cravings? not much. this first trimester my focus has been being able to keep food down! although i'm starting to have an appetite again so i'm sure vaughan will be going on late-night craving runs for me soon :) 

anything making you queasy? YES. the smell of cooked eggs! rancid. absolutely rancid. 

what am i looking forward to? April 17th is when we find out gender! our doctor fit us in earlier than usual so we could find out before my birthday on the 19th! woo! 

stretch marks? not yet. slathering myself in coconut oil every night though. 

what i miss? food and exercise and having energy. but it's been coming back to me slowly these past weeks so i'm excited to have those back! 

nursery? haha. no. not a chance. 

love you all! 
xx ryleeblake 


  1. Aww, so cute that you guys were pretty much both surprised at the same time!

  2. First of all--- you will be THE cutest pregnant lady EVER.
    Second of all-- your baby is going to be perfect!
    Seriously! Love the bumpdate :)

  3. Yay! I love having preggo internet friends :) I did almost the exact same thing telling my husband. I had all these greats plans of surprising him, but I was too surprised myself when I found out to remember any of my plans. Congrats!

  4. So exciting.... my husband is celebrating his birthday on the 19th too! :)

    Congrats Ry!!!! (:

  6. New follower of yours, and just wanted to say congrats!! :)


  7. How adorable, I just stumbled across your blog and needed to say Congrats! I
    The Divine Diabetic