Tuesday, April 22, 2014

pre-made blogger templates! // my new etsy shop

with baby coming in october i figured that the couple months after i wouldn't have much time for anything else besides snuggling and lovin (that's all i'll be doing. vaughan will be on diaper duty, late-night feeding giving baby steak to eat...etc. ;) ). so i won't be able to take on as many clients as i have been lately. BUT i had the idea to make pre-made templates that anyone can purchase at anytime and that can be easily installed and customized! the templates above are the ones currently available to buy/download in my etsy shop. i'm still doing custom designs and taking on clients as usual but wanted to launch my store now so i could get the ball rolling and hopefully have the system nearly perfected by fall. 

so what's included in my pre-made templates? 
+ instant downloadable template. once payment is made you will receive an .xml file with instructions on how to upload. 
+ displayed header in .png & .psd format 
+ social media icons (coding and instructions attached) 
+ custom search bar 
+ custom "pin" button 
+ designed navigation menu
+ basic clean up 
+ OPTIONAL: customized header & welcome image from me (with installation).

you can also ADD-ON services into your cart with your template. some of the add-ons i offer are an instagram slideshow, social media installation, full blog install, custom post signature and more!  

so what do you guys think? would you be interested in pre-made blogger templates? what other types of designs would you like to see? any advice for me on how i can improve the shop? 

oh and we found out gender of the baby!!! eeekkk!!! 

oh and stay tuned, later this week i'll be doing a giveaway for one of the templates above :) 

okay that's all, hope you guys had a great easter! 



  1. Genius. If you need an assistant, answering emails, whatever- call me. JK. but sort of serious. I really think this is so smart!!

  2. Definitely bookmarking this, I love love that "Yes, Please" layout especially. Count me in on the camp of people interested.

    Gender announcement stat!! Woman I need to know this stuff! haha no but really though that's so exciting! So excited and happy for you guys, you guys are going to make the best parents.

  3. I would love one, but I switched from Wordpress to blogger. Does the Yes, Please come in a Wordpress template?

  4. I love this. The Hello, Darling is making me swoon! I love it.

  5. I LOVE this! Such a great idea. You're so awesome!

  6. Genius! I like this idea even more. I might have to look into doing one of these! Good for you Ry! Excited to hear about baby! (:

  7. Geniiiius. I will definitely be purchasing one.

  8. I love all of these! I'm definitely purchasing one!

  9. I purchased the Yes Please!!! I love it so much! :) Thanks Rylee xx

  10. So, I've been working like crazy and haven't had the chance to catch up on my favorite blogs... This made my day! I've been talking about redoing the blog and just visited your etsy shop :-) You read my mind with "hello, darling"!!!

  11. YAY! These premade templates are amazing! P.S....you better be doing a gender reveal because now I'm very curious!

  12. It says not found, that something is wrong with the URL when I click any of your links? :(

  13. Amazing pre-made templates! The flowing and graceful lines compliment your excellent choice of color palette so well. Kudos to you for opening up an etsy shop. With those templates, I know your shop is going to be a big hit. Good luck!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match

  14. These are gorgeous, Rylee! I think that is a great business for you. Most bloggers out there are having a hard time trying to customize their own blogs and look at your wonderful idea to help them. Buying a template will be an easy way for them to customize their blogs. Anyway, I'm wishing you all the best in your Etsy Shop! Good luck! :D
    John Elliott @ Page 1 Internet Marketing

  15. Your designs are really cool! They’re simple and very user-friendly. The viewer won’t find it difficult to navigate through your site and collection. I think they’re also perfect designs for mobile sites, because they’re responsive and load quickly, unlike those that have fully-loaded web design. All the best!

    Dominic Terry @ Mobile Marketing Allies